【New Service】Don’t want boring takeout anymore?

2020.4.10 -[お知らせ / メニュー / テイクアウト・デリバリー

Hello everyone!

North 40-40 has responded to customer feedback and launched a new service!

Don’t want boring takeout anymore? How about a full-scale gourmet box that lets you eat popular items from our menu at home!

Currently, many customers are reluctant to eat in-store due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

North 40-40 wants to help these customers enjoy a delicious meal at home.

Please select from the following 3 delicious choices:

● Beef steak BOX ¥ 3,000 (tax included)

This is for those who have a big appetite and want to eat a lot!

● Spare rib box ¥ 2,450 (tax included)

This is for those who are in the mood for something tender and delicious!

● Hamburger box ¥ 2,300 (tax included)

If you’re not sure which to eat, you can’t go wrong with this delicious burger!

All of our boxes are packed full of delicious foods!

The spare rib box and hamburger box also includes North 40-40’s original cake.

(Cake type is pre-selected).

Orders are accepted by telephone: 0176-58-7091

We look forward to your order!